Harry's Story


Lead Staff

Michael Smith
Executive Chef

Bryan Crossan
General Manager

Tolisha Whitley
Assistant Manager

Casey Offerman
Assistant Manager


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 Since 2012

The Story of Harry's
Harry is everybody's friend. In fact, he's never met a stranger!

He listens when people talk. He fully embraces the present moment. When friends see him in a deep conversation with someone he's just met, they joke that there's the latest addition to Harry's Thanksgiving Dinner. We think there should be more people in this world like Harry so we've built our restaurant based on the way Harry lives:

1. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
2. Always smile; it uses fewer muscles than a frown.
3. Appreciate those around you; they might be there a while.
4. A meal should be an experience; not just some stuff on a plate.
5. Good conversation trumps texting; you don't have to spell things out.
6. Always have a good drink handy.

We're not much for rules, but if we have to have a few, those are good to live by. Everyone from our executive chef to our servers and hostesses believes the same thing. So when you come to Harry's you can expect the same level of quality service and attention.